My name is Ivar Bjørklund, I live in Tromsø, Northern Norway and bought Skaga in 1998. Skaga is an old farm on the island of Spildra in the Kvænangen fiord. It was abandoned in 1957, but people have been living here continuously for 8.000 years. I have restored the main building, built a boathouse, sauna and a log cabin and use the area for recreational purposes.

The log cabin is available for  rent all through the year. The  dark season from December to February has a terrific bluish light, despite the fact  that  there no  sun whatsoever. Flashing Northern lights are almost guaranteed. March to April is a time for  change, spring comes early on the island and the birds of passage follow. May to July is the time for picking eggs, enjoying the midnight sun and eating fresh fish from the sea – which you catch yourself. August to  September is the  time for berry picking and hunting for gees and ptarmigan. November is not to  be recommended, rain and strong winds make life rather miserable. Skaga is a place for solitude, reflection and overwhelming nature.